People setting an example in Kullu and Mandi by voluntarily opting to remain in quarantine

People coming from outside the state have understood the importance of quarantine to save their family and community from corona infection. As a result, they are willingly going to quarantine themselves by welcoming the government's decision of isolation to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Soma Devi rented a house in the outskirt of the village :

Soma Devi of Ghindi village of district Mandi says that "I had rented an empty house in the outskirt of my village for my children so that even bleak possibility should not arise for the outbreak of coronavirus in the village".

Soma Devi's words reflected the sense of security and responsibility towards her family and society.
She told that her daughter Himani along with two other children from the village work in a company in Chandigarh. These children returned to their native village from Chandigarh on 4th May, by. H. R. T. C. bus service with the help of the Himachal Pradesh government. Soma Devi told that she realized the importance of quarantine period and decided to send the children into quarantine outside the village before they could enter the village.

Administration and PRIs are also helping in making the required arrangements:

Chaman Thakur of Auhan village, of Murahag panchayat of district Mandi, says that he had sent a taxi on 6th May, to bring his nephew from Gurgaon. He informed the panchayat and administration about his nephew's arrival, and the nephew volunteered to stay in institutional quarantine. Administration and the panchayat representatives have made good arrangements for his stay at panchayat Guest House. Chaman Thakur told that his nephew preferred to stay in institutional quarantine, so that the whole family and the community is protected from the risk of coronavirus.
Similarly, Pawan Shyam of Gharola village of Anni subdivision of district Kullu set an example by deciding to stay 16 km away from his home in quarantine before entering the village.

Pawan Shyam works in All Fresh company of Rajasthan. Although he visited his village after a long time, he didn't go to his home. He met with his family members following the norms of social distancing and went straight to quarantine center, giving priority to the safety of his family. The villagers are appreciating Pawan Shyam's decision to stay in isolation.

500 institutional quarantine center in Mandi District:

The Deputy commissioner Mandi, Rugved Thakur says that many families in Mandi District have given good examples of voluntary quarantine. He said that their efforts to keep a distance for the safety of their family and society is commendable.
He said that the district administration has set up 500 institutional quarantine centers in the district that have the capacity to accommodate more than 2200 people.

270 institutional quarantine in Kullu:

The Deputy Commissioner Kullu, Dr. Richa Verma said that people have understood the importance of isolation and are supporting district administration. She said that there are about 270 institutional quarantine centers in the district, which have the capacity of accommodating 1400 people.