Community hall in each assembly area

  Himachal will now have community Hall in all the assembly areas. Yes, for the construction of     these  buildings, the state government headed by Chief Minister Jairam Thakur Ji will pay the     amount.  if you want to organize any ceremony or function now, you will be able to use the  community building created by the government. To build the buildings, the state government has       started a scheme called "Chief Minister Bhawan". The Government has started this scheme to     promote communal harmony in the state.

                             Know more  about "Chief Minister Bhawan Yojana"
The aim of the "Chief Minister Bhawan yojana" launched by Himachal Government is to build a community building in every assembly area in which social-cultural activities can be organized. These buildings can also be utilized for business activities of the locality. Simultaneously, the government can also use the Chief Minister Bhawan for the sale/exhibition of various types of products by non-social organizations and self-help groups.

                             Budget provision of 12 crores for the scheme

Chief Minister Shri Jairam Thakur Ji has made a provision of Rs. 12 crores in the budget of 2018-19 for the "Chief Minister Bhawan Yojana" scheme. Under the scheme, a community building will be completed in two years at Rs 30 lakhs in each assembly area. Assembly members and members of parliament can increase the building with their funds If the Hon'ble members want to build one or two additional community buildings in their area, then Rs 15 lakh will be given by the government